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President – Ilva Kubasova, tel. 29263200

Vice President – Kristīne Jelevica, tel. 29440143

Board member, breeding manager – Baiba Nummure, tel. 29166322

Board Members:

Svetlana Malgina, tel. 26464672

Agrita Salceviča, tel. 29403879

Vladimirs Petrovs, tālr. 28662871


Society of Ogre Cynological Club

Reg. No. 40008015625

Address:  Upes pr.13, Ogre, LV5001


Phone +371 65045553

Mob. phone +371 29263200

Fax +371 65045554

E-mail – ogresklubs@inbox.lv, ogredogs@inbox.lv

The “Ogre Cynological Club”  is one of the largest clubs in Latvia. Our members live in various regions of Latvia but we all share love for dogs.

In 1976 founded “The service dog club” in 1996 becomes the “Ogre Cynological Club”, temporary member of the “Latvian cynological federation” (“LKF”).

In 2005 “Ogre Cynological Club” takes as card-carrying member of the “Latvian cynological federation”.

Every year “Ogre Cynological Club” organize NATIONAL ALL BREEDS DOG SHOW in Ogre. In 2009 800 participants from various countries took part in this exhibition. Why these exhibitions are interesting? Because professional experts help us.

At the moment about 40 breeds represent “Ogre Cynological Club”. Some of them are infrequent and exclusive in Latvia.

In the club has established very strong breed sectional – German badger-dog, German shepherd dog, Russian Toy, Cane Corso.

Members of the “Ogre Cynological Club” often take part in prestige exhibitions -world and Europe. Victories and world champions are proof our dogs quality.

“Ogre Cynological Club” are proud with training. We have training areas and “A little dog school” for decorative dogs.

Members of the “Ogre Cynological Club” are cynologists, instructors, veterinarians and of course many good people who love dogs.

Our mission are follow breeding, keep the “LKF” and “FCI” articles as well as help dog keeper understand and feel the love what gives “ family best friend”.

How to find us?

We are located in the center of Ogre, on the other side of railway station and bus station, in Ogre veterinary clinics – pharmacies building 3rd floor.